My Junior year so far.

Wow, what a great syllabus week. I have been re-acclimated to UMW over the past week, in more ways than one. I also tried to push all of the multimedia introductions into a short window, as my week has been super crazy hectic (That post can be seen here The one thing that I was disappointed in this week was that I feel that I didn’t have enough time to fully devote to critical thinking about the Horror genre. I’ve been in a more less studious mindset, and have been instead just enjoying it for the aesthetic. I think what I learned most this week is that I should really take more pictures. I wasn’t really able to find that many recent pictures while looking through photos for the different social media sites, and that got me thinking that I should really make an effort to photo-document my life. I think I’m going to challenge myself to take more pictures throughout my day. The thing that I thought was the easiest about this week was researching the genre. It’s such a popular theme in many great pieces of work, which is making class so far really enjoyable.

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